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Oh, god. ITS SO DIFFICULT to make Jupiter.
As u all know, Sailor Jupiter is taller than other senshi. Sadly, her original sprites are as tall as the other senshi's sprites. Besides, her palette is just a mess. SOS #Pray4Me

Luckily, most of the basic moves are done. It is time for the special moves!

Sailor Jupiter got many excellent moves. My favourite would be Flower Hurricane. Beautiful n romantic. Whats ur favourite move(s) of Jupiter?

Das is all the official anime/game moves I found. Comment below if I miss anything.

Jupiter Kick
Lighting Knuckle
Supreme Thunder (Normal/Suicide/Dragon/Super)
Flower Hurricane
Jupiter Thunderbolt
Sparkling Wide Pressure (Normal/Ground)
Jupiter Double Axel
Jupiter Coconut Cyclone
Lightning Strike
Jupiter Oak Evolution


Jupiter: Jupiter Thunderbolt!

Actually, Jupiter Thunderbolt n Supreme Thunder are the same move in the manga. But I would still consider them as two different moves, especially after watching Ep5 of Crystal. For Jupiter Thunderbolt, Jupiter gathered the thunder with her hand instead of her tiara. #soCool><

BTW, I miss the old SailorMoon anime, especially the drawing style, though sometimes it looks horrible. xD The manga style is nice but not so pretty when it is an anime. Like, their faces are the sharpest thing in the world. The story is the only thing I reli enjoy. Sorry. ><

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