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Release! Sailor Pluto Revives! | 'N **** FTW

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Release! Sailor Pluto Revives! | 'N Jupiter FTW

The poll ended. N I am going to work on... Sailor Jupiter !!
Before launching this poll, I was planning to work on this character too.
Glad that you are expecting her.
N THANK YOU for participating in such a random poll.
There are over a hundred votes!! U SURPRISED ME.

N here is the gift, Sailor Pluto. 
She has just been finished before this post with a very few testings.
The sprites and coding are not perfect. AI system has not been implanted yet.
Sorry for that. But still hope you enjoy this brand new Sailor Pluto.
Get her in my Google Drive NOW:

A move list is provided in the Zip file. Read it n make sure to try ALL moves.
N comment below which move is ur favourite!
I personally love the strict sweep n dead scream. Sorry, my friend, charzynee, but I have to say tht the sprite thing is such a great improvement, comparing with those in the last version.  LOL
One last thing, PLEASE listen to tht creepy laughter when Pluto wins. (Im obsessed with tht. xD)

Pluto: Hohohohohoho.... LOL

Caio Larry asked for the StarLights sprites in the last post. 
I thought I did tht but sadly couldnt find it.
So here is a new one made a few hours ago. TAKE THT. #creepysmile
Sorry not sorry. Only Healer. =]

✭Sailor Star Healer

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