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WIDE PRESSURE | How I Make a Move in 10 Steps

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Hi. Sorry for the late. This week I am going to show u how I make one of the super moves of Sailor Jupiter which would be released soon. 
****THIS IS NOT a tutorial, just a sharing instead. There might be better, easier ways to make it.

HOW I MAKE A MOVE in 10 Steps

1. Refer to the original moves.
*Usually look for a special version as a reference bcz most of the attacks are just boring linear projectiles.
I USE: YouTube, Video files


2. Capture a few key frames. [Or just memorise it]
*Make sure these key frames make a smooth animation. Its important for ur next step.
Always refer to the key frames while drawing/editing ur sprites.
I USE: PhotoShop / Paint(seldom) [Brain(Always)]

3. Look for a group of sprites suitable for ur move.
*Some spriters literally cannot link their sprites together as an animation though they look perfect, judged separately.
Using a group of the original sprites as a foundation helps make sure the body parts in one sprite link to those in the next sprite, like the limb position, length.
I USE: Image viewer, Sprite sheets / SFF files(FighterFactory)

4. Sprite-Synthesis.
*Use ur character's palette, style.
I USE: PhotoShop

5. Make an animation!
*ALWAYS make an animation after drwaing ur sprites. But THIS IS NOT THE END for the spriting.
An animation includes ur sprites, a timeline n positions.
It shows whether ur animation is smooth or not. If its not smooth, repeat Step4 & Step5.
I USE: FighterFactory / PhotoShop(seldom)


6. Separate ur moves(animation) into parts & Get ready for coding.
*Stand / Air / Couch, Idle / Attack
Make sure to have a copy of ur original animation.
I USE: FighterFactory

Here the first 2 would b the aerial part (AIR) n the last 3 would b the stand & attack part.

7. Copy a similar group of codes N Edit it.
*Always use the original codes as a foundation bcz they work!
Then, all u need to do it just editing the foundation, like triggers, values, animation IDs. I USE: NotePad, CNS files(FighterFactory)

In this move, I used the statedef 600's codes, a basic aerial move, as the first part (statedef 3601).
And statedef 225's codes for the second part (statedef 3605).
Linking two parts together, I used the following set of code:

type = ChangeState
trigger1 = Vel Y > 0 && Pos Y >= -4
value = 3605

8. Test it.
*Try it N look for bugs, like positions, sounds, animations, states. If any, edit ur codes N test again.

U can press Ctrl+D to see the info./errors loaded in the training mode.

9. DONE.
Just repeat doing the same move n appreciating ur own work. <3

10. SHARE.
It spent a lot of time to make moves. But it might spend more time clearing up thing for sharing. Capturing pictures, making videos, typing. However, it is great to share ur love n happiness with others. Rite?

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