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Princess Halation | Still WIP

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Princess Halation | Still WIP

Can't believe that there are only 5 hyper moves left to be made for Sailor Moon.
And I made several Super Sailor Moon sprites. They are quite nice, I think.
So no more classic Sailor Moon holding the kaleidoscope FINALLY. xD
Sadly, this time Eternal Sailor Moon will not be featured coz its so strange that making a classic one transforming into an eternal one.

Besides updating that Im still working on Sailor Moon, I made sth. special for you.
Characters having curly, wavy hair drive me crazy, like Neptune. 
I stopped working on many characters at/by spriting their hair. 
But, finally, I made this:

Esmeraude lol <3
The Sailor Moon Hair Palette poll will be ended soon.
Vote now in the last post if u havent. :D
**Anonymous votes will be ignored**

Leave me a cm if u got any suggestions. <3
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