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Merry Christmas! Tsukino Ai returns and gives you a Christmas present!
You may have noticed the YouTube video just posted, featuring the new moves for Sailor Moon. Hope you like it.

YouTube Link:

Sorry for not updating for a while. Many big things happened in 2015. I never expect these.

Anyways, actually I did work on my MUGEN project. But most of them are just drafts or plans. Since Christmas is coming soon, I would like to share updates with you. 

Please send me your comments, ideas. I will definitely consider it.

See you next time. Bye :3

Finally I hv made a PGSM screenpack for mugen!! And u may get it from the link below:

The Zip file contains the screenpack n one character, Sailor Mercury.
Try it n report any bug(s). ^^
Here are some captures as ref.

BTW, I plan to continue the MUGEN project before working on the others.
Stay tuned for that.^<

Leave me a cm if u got any suggestions. <3

Wt Kind(s) of Game Do U Want? | SAILOR MOON IS NOW RELEASED

I am now planning to start a new game project. But too many thoughts.
Like shud it be a RPG? Or an arcade? Or a remake? How abt the sprite style, arcade one or others?
As usual, I think too much. BUT there is one thing cfmed tht I really want to make a popular fan game, better than those official. >< #fingercrossed
Therefore, I am now asking u guys for suggestions.
Or if u have a detailed  plan, juz send me a private msg via uTube, Blogger, deviantart, wtever. (I reply every single msg so juz make sure ur msg reach me :] )

Besides, today I have uploaded a video n the latest Sailor Moon Mugen character pack.
Go n watch. Make sure to press the like button! <3
 Sailor Uranus Standing

Leave me a cm if u got any suggestions. <3


So the Sailor Moon Hair Palette Poll is closed. Let's see the 4 options.
     A         B         C         D

N C is selected as the default palette. Thank you for those who voted. :D 
Today I have just finished a beautiful hyper move, Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!
Spriting the ribbons spent my a whole day /_____\
(Actually i was watching movie in the meanwhile xD)
Hope u like this gif ^< 
 Rainbow Moon Heart Ache ~~~<3

Leave me a cm if u got any suggestions. <3
Princess Halation | Still WIP

Can't believe that there are only 5 hyper moves left to be made for Sailor Moon.
And I made several Super Sailor Moon sprites. They are quite nice, I think.
So no more classic Sailor Moon holding the kaleidoscope FINALLY. xD
Sadly, this time Eternal Sailor Moon will not be featured coz its so strange that making a classic one transforming into an eternal one.

Besides updating that Im still working on Sailor Moon, I made sth. special for you.
Characters having curly, wavy hair drive me crazy, like Neptune. 
I stopped working on many characters at/by spriting their hair. 
But, finally, I made this:

Esmeraude lol <3
The Sailor Moon Hair Palette poll will be ended soon.
Vote now in the last post if u havent. :D
**Anonymous votes will be ignored**

Leave me a cm if u got any suggestions. <3
Sailor Moon Palette Poll 2.0 | CHOOSE UR FAV HAIR COLOUR!

Happy New Year. I have finished Sailor Mercury. She will be released very soon. Before that, I uploaded a preview video to YouTube YTD.
 Click the link below to watch. :D

According to the last poll, I decide that both B1 & B4 palettes would be included.
So here is the 2nd round, the HAIR COLOUR palette!
Tell me which one u love by leaving a comment!!
**Anonymous votes will be ignored**

    A          B         C         D


**The poll will end at 00:00 on the 1st Feb.

Leave me a cm if u got any suggestions. <3
Petit Guardian Ver0.1c Released! | Just a little update

Hi. This lovely pic is finally out. But today I am actually here to announce that Petit Guardian v0.1c is released!! [happytreefrds] Weeeeeeeee~ [/happytreefrds]

U may download the RAR file from my Google Drive
>>LINK <<

Readme file includes a very simple move list of Sailor Moon.
If you cannot read the move list, leave me a comment.
Again it is just a small, little, tiny update. 
Just an excuse for me to upload it again for you guys. (yea, i actually read sailormoonfourm's posts)
Leave me a cm if u got any suggestions. <3

Sailor Moon Palette Poll 1.0 | CHOOSE UR FAV PAL!

Hello. I am now working on Sailor Mercury, precisely numbering the sprites and customizing new sprites. I believe that there will be a period of time before the release. :p

So why don't we choose a palette for Sailor Moon?
I will make 2 polls, first one for the sailor suit, another one for the hair colour.
You may choose your favourite combination from the picture below.
For ur info., I love B4. (in column B, row 4)
Tell me which one u love by voting it!!

Vote >>here<< or my blog (right column->)

   A        B       C       D





Leave me a cm if u got any suggestions. <3

Go!! Mercury | NEW PALETTE

Here u r!! The new Mercury!! (Just the new palette preview xD)
Its extremely hard to edit mercury's palette as the ribbons, the shirt, the hair shared most of the colours. ><



Leave me a cm if u got any suggestions. <3


In the last few weeks, I am quite upset due to several bad news. TT A TT

The 1st thing is the protest in Hong Kong in which the police used a large amount of tear gas against the protesters who were just students, speaking out their words in a very gentle manner. Just WTF?! The chief executive, Mr Wolf, even said it was a suitable act. huh? R U KIDDING??

My "favourite" girls groups are going to be disbanded / are disbanded, not really disbanded but not the original one anyway. =[
AS ONE(HK), HotCha and snsd. 
Though they are not my all-time favourites, I used to listen to their songs. X____X

So in order to cheer me up, I play the Pokemon TCG online. I did collect those cards but just collect bcz no one played with me. NOW got some playmates. #IMSOLUCKYLUCKY

So, because of these 3 reasons, I stopped editing my MUGEN character. IM SORRY ><
But for ur info., I always come with good news~ xD
I finally finish all the moves for Sailor Jupiter!! Here is the bonus gift!

 Jupiter Oak Evolution!!
 She would be released after finishing the AI system, I think. :p
N I am going to reply ur comments.
Have a nice day.